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The Cluster Energy worked as a cluster initiative of "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources". We have successfully finalized the Cluster Energy in September 2012 in Lilleström.



All projects have agreed on continuing the cooperation. They decided on preparing a cluster project in the next funding period to implement the cluster products.

LonglifeSPINBioenergy PromotionUrb.EnergyBaltic Biogas BusremowePEACool Bricks

The cluster projects are represented by partners from the following countries: EE, DE, DK, FI, LT, PL and SE.


Cluster Aims

All cluster projects and partners have the common thematic interest to work for sustainable energy solutions in the cluster region.The Cluster is an instrument which enables joint dissemination of tools and best practices developed by the involved projects.
The cluster will protect the climate through using

  • Renewable energy
  • Sustainable technologies
  • Resource saving in buildings
  • Energy efficiency in urban context

In the Cluster Energy each project can build connections to the other projects through its outputs, its strategies and its further proceeding. Under the focus of sustainability and energy efficiency the cluster covers the fields of construction and refurbishment of buildings and building heritage, waste to energy production, transport and infrastructure as well as renewable power generation and its specific technologies. The cluster strengthens potentials in the region to trigger new competences, business opportunities, investments and new jobs. The Cluster Energy retrospectively draws conclusions and is evaluating projects processes, outputs and synergies in the final phase of the funding period.