1. Newspaper report in Polish press, April 2015 (in Polish language)
     Polish Press Newspaper Article (PL) 
    and an abstract of the article in English language done by the partners from the Gdansk University 
     Abstract in English
  2. Newspaper report in the Tagesspiegel, 8 September 2014
    Das Mietshaus der Zukunft
    Apartment buildings of the Future
  3. Polish Partners in the project Longlife Invest from Gdansk University of Technology published an article in the International Journal of Thermal Sciences 85.
  4. Article in Klaipėdos Universitas, Nr. 1 2014
  5. Article in the greenbuilding journal, June 2013, page 25 to 27
  6. Paper presented at the CIB World Building Congres Construction
    and Society, Brisbane 5-9 May 2013





Draft of facade design, student dormitory
Facade design University of Klaipeda